ST Group Holding Inc.

ST Group has investments in Europe, North America, and Australia.
ST Group’s activities span a wide range of asset classes.

Founded in 1960, ST Services Holding Inc. offers strategic consulting in:

Corporate and Tax

Real Estate

Business Management

Digital services

It holds other minor participations.

ST Real Estate Holding Inc. (STRE) holds more than 50 years of global real estate experience across Switzerland, Europe, Canada, USA, China, Australia, and Africa. Specialties include:

Commercial real estate (Australia)

Multifamily real estate (USA)

Founded in 1999 by one of Europe’s oldest active investors, Sterling Strategic Value Fund (SSVF) boasts over 50 successful investments across various sectors and countries.

SSVF operates like a private owner, relying on detailed analysis and a deep understanding of the businesses it invests in.

Focused on value investing, SSIP pursues opportunities with intrinsic and hidden value.

The Board of Directors actively manages the portfolio, leveraging years of expertise.